Maintenance and Repairs

Your pool requires attention and upkeep to keep it clean and functional. We can handle all kinds of pool repair services for you. You don't have to stress yourself out taking care of your pool, we will do it all! If you need vinyl liner changes, sand changes, or other pool repairs you can stop in or give us a call at 574-293-1126. We offer weekly maintenance throughout the summer, but please note that we have limited availability, and these spots fill up fast!

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Sand Changes

Is it time for a Sand Change? Let us do the work! At backyard pools, we are dedicated to helping our customers with all of their pool needs. Signs that it’s time to change your pool filter sand include:

  • Pressure builds up in the pool filter, indicating the sand is clogged and no longer effectively filtering the water.

  • Channeling occurs when water flows through paths in the sand instead of evenly distributing throughout the filter, leading to ineffective filtration.

  • Cloudy water is a sign that the pool filter sand is not properly removing impurities and needs replacing.

  • Backwashing sessions become shorter than usual, indicating that the sand can no longer trap debris efficiently.

  • Sand found in your pool.

The frequency of changing the sand depends on factors such as backwashing frequency and deep cleaning schedules. Generally, it is recommended to change the sand every 3 to 5 years.

Liner Changes

Vinyl swimming pool liners typically last anywhere from 10 to 15 years from the time of installation, depending on a range of different factors. Variables like water chemistry, sun exposure, frequency of use, and liner thickness can all affect the lifespan of your liner. Maintaining the proper water chemistry is vital to increasing the longevity of your vinyl liner.

Four Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Liner

The liner develops visible defects, such as cracks, tears or wrinkles.

There are stained, discolored, darkened or faded areas on the liner. While some amount of fading is normal, it may be time to replace your liner if it’s faded to the point that you can no longer determine a pattern.

The liner seems to be stretching out or falling out of the track in areas where you can actually see the pool wall.

The liner may be detaching from the bead. The bead holds the liner in the tracking around the top edge of your pool.

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Pool Opening and Closings

Whether you're getting your pool ready for summer or shutting it down for winter, you can count on Backyard Pools to have you covered. We carry out pool opening and closing services for your safety and convenience. We'll work efficiently to get everything properly set up.

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Pool Opening:

Almost Summer? Let us, at Backyard Pools get your pool right for the warm weather to come! We provide pool opening services for Elkhart County, St. Joseph County, and other parts of Michiana. 

Our Pool Opening Service options include Complete Opening, Automatic Cover Opening, and Equipment Openings.

Each Package involves:

  • Getting the pool up and running
  • Installing handrails, ladders, and diving boards
  • *For Automatic Cover Openings and Complete closings, cover will be cleaned and conditioned.

**Opening does not include repairs to the pool or equipment. This must be scheduled through the office. Additional fees will apply.

Pool Closing:

Time to prepare your pool for Winter? Backyard Pools provides pool closing service to clients in Elkhart & Granger, IN and additional surrounding areas.
Our Pool Closing Service options include Complete Closing, Automatic Cover Closing, and Equipment Closings.

Each package involves:

  • Removing handrails, ladders, and diving board
  • Removing return jets
  • Blowing out lines
  • Plugging returns and the skimmer
  • Adding anti-freeze to the skimmer and pump
  • Cleaning salt cells
  • Winterizing filter

Please Note: All items must be out and accessible at the time of opening or closing. Any necessary equipment that is missing or defective will be replaced (if available) and be billed at an additional charge. If we do not have the necessary equipment to open/close the pool, it will need to be rescheduled through the office. Chemicals are also billed separately; vacuum is not included.

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Pool Opening or Closing.

Whether you need us for pool opening or pool closing services, you can count on us to get the job done right. For the best results, we ask that you do your part to prepare by:

  1. Taking all items out of the pool before closing or opening
  2. Scheduling pool equipment repairs separately from your opening or closing appointment.
  3. Unlocking the gates to the yard and pool deck to avoid an additional fee if our technicians can't get in upon arrival.
  4. Lowering the water level of your pool to two or three inches below the skimmer if you have a mesh cover.
  5. Keeping the water level of your pool to the middle of the skimmer if you have an automatic or solid anchor cover.