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In Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan, Backyard Pools is considered the "experienced expert" at new inground pool construction, having 40 years of building experience. Backyard Pools has installed over 600 vinyl liner pools and even more liner replacements over 40 years of business. Custom sizes and shapes are our speciality along with a full line of traditional shaped pools. All projects are bonded and insured.

At Backyard Pools we take great pride in our work and value our customers. Through continuous education programs, our experienced certified technicians are kept up to date on the most current trends and technological advances in the swimming pool industry. In order to better serve our customers Backyard Pools technicians are now certified to service CoverStar and Automatic Pool Covers.

The retail side of the business offers water analysis, pool and spa chemicals, pool toys and floats. Backyard Pools is now carrying recycled metal designs, such as metal peace signs, bird houses, and wooden flags. We also offer a full service department with an ample inventory of parts for all your pool repair needs.

Having a big party and don't have time to clean the pool? Call Backyard Pools - we have weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pool maintenance services. Come see us today!


40 years of experience leads to great things.

Our construction process transforms green yards into dirty messes, and then into breathtaking paradises. We work with the customer to build their pool without causing too much chaos, and if we do cause any problems, we will be quick to fix them.  

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Don’t turn to mass market, bulk products. Rely instead on full-concentration, quality brands to protect and clean your pool.

As a dedicated pool retailer, we stock the kinds of product that you won’t find at a superstore. We are specialists who can answer your questions, demonstrate techniques, and guide you in caring for your pool.

Come by the store to see the full range of our inventory and have your questions answered. We want to be your information and retail source for everything involving your swimming pool. And you can count on our customer service standards to make sure you have a positive experience.



We have a variety of E-Z CLOR® products that can help with your pool. These will help you sanitize, balance, and control algae in your pool. 

If you have questions about these products come visit us in store, give us a call, or visit E-Z CLOR® at:


Natural Chemistry®

We carry a full line of Natural Chemistry® products for both your pool and spa! Natural Chemistry® can help you clear up any pool with natural and easy-to-use chemicals and help you treat existing stains and prevent new ones.

To learn more about the various products, visit in store or look on their site: 


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Phone Number: (574)-293-1126


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